Diving In the Maldives

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The brilliantly colourful coral reefs, making the Maldivian seascapes amongst the most enchanting in the world, is a nature's treasure house, an El Dorado for diving enthusiasts, providing opportunities to experience the unique and beautiful underwater scenery which is a realm of a great variety of fish, corals, and other marine denizens.

The several years of experience of the diving centers, has guaranteed high standards in the selection of resort islands as well as the quality of equipments used and the expertise of the diving staff.

Couple of diving programs are on the offer. Guided dives under the supervision of diving instructors are for novices and those who still haven't gained the necessary confidence. The non-limit, or unguided dives, documents the confidence one feels in his or her dive. However it is the diving instructor who decides as to how confident and how experienced one is in their diving skills.

All the dive operations are affiliated with PADI, NAUI, and CMAS and/or employs PADI or NAUI diving instructors. You can also be assured of finding highly trained professionals qualified to conduct courses by meeting diving's highest instructor training standards. The PADI Open Water Diver course, where you can practice and master real skills, offers tremendous flexibility depending upon class requirements.

It also features state-of-the art education that makes learning simple and fun. Though diving is considered to be one of the easiest of water sports, carelessness can prove to be dangerous. The beginner not only tends to overestimate himself, being presumptuous, but the problem clearly lies in underestimating the dangers of the ocean and not understanding its ways carefully.

As a rule, one must always remember that they're diving at their own risk. For this reason one should definitely comply with the diving regulations issued by the concerned authorities.

Generally these are : 1. Decompression dives are prohibited, even if a dive computer is in use which measures the levels of nitrogen vis-a-vis the respective depth over dive time, 2. diving below depths of 90 feet is prohibited, and 3. wearing a BC is mandatory.

Besides these, there are other diving safety rules to be followed. One must never dive alone, despite the numerous shallow diving sites. One must also get acquainted with the site's special features, such as the location of the reef's edge, opening in reef channel, direction, strength and direction of currents, the sun's position, and so on.

Special care must be taken during current diving. Here one must make sure of not venturing faraway from one's boat. Further one must also dive against the current for in case of an emergency the current will bring one back to the boat.

Thus training by qualified hands coupled with one's enthusiasm, and a little bit of cautious approach takes one to another world.

The mysteries of the ocean beckons one and all, and diving provides an excellent and thrilling opportunity to unravel some of these, the fascinating world of corals being one of them.

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