Coco Bodu Hithi


Atoll: North Male Atoll
Distance from Airport: 30km
Transfer Time: 40 minutes by speedboat
Number of Rooms:100

Bodu Hithi island, in North Mal? Atoll, is your beautiful Maldivian home. The rhythm of life here is serene. The essential tropical mood stimulates and refreshes the senses. And the mystery of the House Reef meets the open elegance of pristine palm-fringed beaches.


Room Name: Island Villa (44)
Room Size: 188sqm
Option: Beach Villa
Description: These spacious Island Villas are artfully designed retreats that combine the best of Maldivian architecture with the latest in personal luxury.

Room Name: Water Villa (16)
Room Size: 109sqm
Option: Water Villa
Description: Suspended on stilts above the lagoon, our luxurious Water Villas reflect the vastness of the ocean with the intimacy of an island hideaway.

Room Name: Escape Water Villa (16)
Room Size: 144sqm
Option: Water Villa
Description: Leave everything behind as you relax to the soothing sounds of the lagoon as it ebbs and flows around your Escape Water Villa.

Room Name: Coco Residence (24)
Room Size: 184sqm
Option: Beach Villa
Description: Peacefully secluded yet close to the island, the Coco Residences are located at the tip of the island, giving you the ultimate feeling of seclusion as you recharge and refresh.


Group Activities
Land Sports
Private Experiences
Scuba Diving
Water Sports


5 Restaurants
3 Bars
Games Room
Meeting Space


1800 258 2633
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