Coco Palm Dhunikolhu


Atoll: Baa Atoll
Distance from Airport: 30.8km
Transfer Time: 30 minutes by seaplane
Number of Rooms:101

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, a soulful Maldives vacation spot where the everyday stresses of life are left behind, and you can reconnect with nature, we call it barefoot luxury.


Room Name: Beach Villa (23)
Room Size: 87sqm
Option: Beach Villa
Description: A short sand pathway shaded by trees leads from the villa to the beach where your personal beach hut and sun loungers await your sojourn in the sun. From here, nothing stands between you and perfect bliss.

Room Name: Sunset Beach Villa (25)
Room Size: 87sqm
Option: Beach Villa
Description: The sound of the thatch fringe and mature tropical plants and trees in the soft breeze perfectly captures the mood of island life.

Room Name: Deluxe Villa (27)
Room Size: 87sqm
Option: Beach Villa
Description: These Coco Palm deluxe villas are 87 square metres in size and hold, within the charm of their Maldivian architecture.

Room Name: Lagoon Villa (12)
Room Size: 87sqm
Option: Water Villa
Description: These lagoon villas in the Maldives are perched over water, just a wooden walkway away from the beach and positioned to offer each villa privacy and uninterrupted panoramic views.

Room Name: Sunset Lagoon Villa (2)
Room Size: 154sqm
Option: Water Villa
Description: Under the pitched, thatched ceiling, the simplicity of style and abundant space are an uplifting antidote to the daily life you?ve escaped.


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Scuba Diving
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