The Maldives beckons you ...

The Maldivian archipelago located 300 miles southwest of the southern tip of India and 450 miles west of Sri Lanka is a beautiful string of 1,190 low-lying coral islands scattered across the equator in the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, giving us a rare glimpse of what is aptly described as a tropical paradise. Just consider this - sparkling white sun kissed beaches; crystal-clear lagoons studded with profusely-coloured corals; azure warm seas with an undisturbed, exotic marine life; palm-fringed islands; the pervading serenity; all of it summarised by the famous Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta on describing Maldives as One of the wonders of the world.

The Sun, the Sand and the Sea. These are just the three simple realities beckoning tourists from far and wide to these little islets, giving as a result, a glorious sense of happiness and proving to be a heavenly getaway from the world and its worries. The Maldives teaches the visitors the pleasurable art of doing nothing, simply lazing around and enjoying some of the most spectacular and colourful vistas offered by Nature.

No wonder then that tourists flock in large numbers to the 150-odd self-contained island resorts provided with all the comforts and warmth exuded by traditional Maldivian hospitality. Which is why Maldives is considered to be the ultimate destination, the future world for holiday-makers.

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